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aww thank you ( ˘ ³˘)❤

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Anonymous I've got mail!


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The Doctor: A Guide

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doctor who + food

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I’ve had thousands of years, hundreds of ideas, and tens of generations to answer the question yet it remains the question above all questions and one I fail to so much as touch: doctor who?

Inspired by: Colors - Shel Silverstein

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You would be very welcome to join our little household. But I have it on the highest authority that the Doctor will be returning for you very soon.

Who’s authority?

The person who knows him best throughout the universe.

And who is that?

Miss Clara Oswald.

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Whatever you say

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105. Clara Oswald [Companions Card]

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people complaining about Danny Pink when we haven’t even seen him on screen yet… you need to stop!
And don’t start with *but i read the leaked scripts so i know moffat will ruin his character like he ruined everything else… blah… blah… blah*

just don’t.

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104. You’ve not met Danny Pink (x)

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